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No Planet B

Here at ELEAT, we have a passion for creating the maximum positive impact for you by fuelling your healthy and active lifestyle. But a big positive impact for you, doesn’t mean a negative impact for our climate.


We’ve laid out some of the great things we already do at ELEAT and set some of our own targets for the future!



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Why we use what we do?

We pride ourselves on transparency at ELEAT. So, we’ve provided a list of all the ingredients used within our four flavours.


For each flavour, we’ve explained why we’ve used them for their nutritional benefits but also their role within the manufacturing process.


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The story behind ELEAT

We are Hywel and Hugh, friends with a shared love for health, nutrition and sport. Over the last 18 months, we’ve been on a mission to reinvent cereal.

Over countless trials we tried, tested and iterated numerous recipes to produce four mouth-watering flavours of insanely healthy cereal.


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It's All About Balance

It’s all about balance” is a phrase we’ve all heard, often jokingly, in many different aspects of life.


However, here at ELEAT, we are serious about providing nutrition in balanced ratios that the body requires, to fuel your everyday.


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