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This is our story

Introducing ELEAT, the UK-based challenger healthy breakfast brand, launched by best friends, Hywel Rose and Hugh Hamilton-Green. Fed up with nutrition-lacking, sugar-packed cereals dominating supermarket shelves, we embarked on a journey to shake up the breakfast game!

Picture this: cereals packed with nutrition that taste like your childhood faves with no compromise on convenience. That is ELEAT! Our mission? To innovate and revolutionise your breakfast routine.

Eat well. move well.

As friends, with a shared passion for health and sport, we wanted to create products that helped people eat well and move well to better their everyday lives. Whilst we recognise that everyone’s health journey is unique; whether you’re an irregular jogger, regular gym-goer, office worker improving your diet, or even a professional sportsperson - ELEAT is there to help you become the best, most ELEAT version of yourself.

We’ve come a long way since our university days, and not only are we continuing to fulfil our mission of supporting individuals making a positive impact on their health and wellbeing. Now, we're garnering recognition and support from professional athletes, nutritionists and well-known personalities, each with their unique reasons for eating ELEAT.

Ready to fuel with ELEAT?

We founded ELEAT with the goal of helping people eat well and move well. I like to eat ELEAT in the morning swimming in milk!

Hywel Rose - Co-Founder

We set out to reinvent cereal as we know it - creating a great tasting cereal that is packed full of nutrition. I'm a big fan of using ELEAT with yoghurt as an afternoon snack!

Hugh Hamilton-Green - Co-Founder

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