Chocolate Pots

The Balanced, High Protein Cereal Snack

Our indulgent chocolate classic. With each 50g pot, you get a whopping 14g of protein, 7g of fibre and only 1g of sugar!

8 x 50g
High protein High fibre Low sugar Gut friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten free
High protein High fibre Low sugar Gut friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten free
High protein High fibre Low sugar Gut friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten free
High protein High fibre Low sugar Gut friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten free
High protein High fibre Low sugar Gut friendly Vegan Friendly Gluten free


“If you enjoy your post-workout shake, and you like a bowl of cereal, then ELEAT is going to be right up your street.”

“ELEAT offers a healthy twist on a classic. All while providing a quick and convenient breakfast option.”

“What better way to start off a healthy day with a protein-packed breakfast.”

“Add milk or eat straight from the bag, we won’t judge you – who can resist cereal as a quick snack?”

Balanced nutrition to fuel your body

  • High protein
    12.5g of plant powered protein per 50g serving.
  • High fibre
    10g of gut friendly fibre in each 50g serving.
  • Low Sugar
    Less than 1.5g of sugar per 50g serving.
  • gut friendly
    7.5g of gut friendly prebiotic inulin per 50g serving.
  • Vegan Friendly
    No WHEY, we’ve harnessed the power of the plants.
  • Gluten Free
    Our recipe and production is entirely gluten free.

Key benefits


Our complete plant protein blend contains all 9 essential amino acids to help your muscles recover.


Our recipe includes slow releasing carbohydrates (low GI), helping to fuel and sustain your energy throughout the day.


Each serving contains 7.5g of prebiotic inulin that helps to boost the good bacteria in your gut.


Our cereal is packed with protein and fibre helping you feel fuller for longer (increased satiety).


Rice Flour

Our rice flour Is high in soluble fibre and helps provide the great texture and crunch of ELEAT.

Soy Protein Isolate

Our soy protein provides a complete source of protein with all 9 essential amino acids.

Sunflower Protein

Our organic sunflower protein also provides a great source of fibre and B vitamins to help maintain good wellbeing.

Chicory Root Inulin

Chicory inulin is a naturally occurring prebiotic that helps boost the gut and contributes to normal bowel function.

Chickpea Flour

Our chickpea flour is packed with protein, fibre and low GI carbs, helping to keep you fuller for longer and sustained throughout the day.

High-Oleic Sunflower Oil

Our high-oleic sunflower oil contains healthy mono-saturated fats.

Natural Flavours and Stevia

Our blend of natural flavouring and stevia (Steviol Glycosides) helps add the perfect level of flavour and sweetness.


ELEAT’s cereal provides a brilliant option for a gym goer or professional athlete to get a great protein hit. A great option for breakfast, afternoon refuel or post dinner snack.

Nutritionist @ Bristol & England Rugby

ELEAT is a brilliant product. This is a great product for those wanting balanced nutrition as well as cereal lovers wanting to increase their protein and fibre intake.

Nutritionist @ Manchester United

I suffer with IBS and I struggle to find a cereal that doesn’t irritate me but this was great and also has a high protein content which is everything I could want!

Josie Baxter
CrossFit Coach & Entrepreneur

Never found a cereal that tastes so good and hits all my macros until now. All great flavours my personal favorite is cinnamon. Highly recommend trying this I absolutely love it.

Professional CrossFit Athlete

The world’s first informed sport certified cereal

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