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The story behind ELEAT


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Cereal Reinvented

We’re ELEAT, a UK based healthy food brand founded by Hywel Rose and Hugh Hamilton-Green in 2022. Since our inception, we’ve been on a mission to reinvent cereal by providing you THE new performance breakfast, with no compromise on taste or convenience.

Reinventing cereal? That sounds tricky

Indeed it was. Starting out in our student flat, we spent 18 months developing ELEAT to create the product that you see today.

Over countless industrial trials we tried, tested and iterated numerous recipes until eventually we hit the jackpot. Four mouth-watering flavours of insanely healthy cereal and we wouldn’t have settled for anything less.

Eat Well. Move Well.

Friends, with a shared passion for health and sport, we wanted to create a product that helped people eat well and move well to better their everyday.

Whilst we recognise that everyone’s health journey is unique: whether you’re a weekend jogger, regular gym goer, office worker or even a professional sportsperson - ELEAT is there to be the supportive constant to help you become the best, most ELEAT version of yourself. 

For Whatever Your Journey – Join us on ours

Whilst there’s no doubt ELEAT is THE new performance breakfast, who doesn’t love cereal at different points in the day. That’s why we created two packaging formats. Whether its breakfast at home, on the go, post exercise, at work, afternoon snack, or post dinner treat – ELEAT has got you covered.

We'd love to join you on  whatever your healthy journey. We’d recommend trying our variety pack of pouches, however, if you’re certain on your flavours, why not build your own custom build a bundle.

We’d be incredibly excited to welcome you to ELEAT and if you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All the best,

Hywel and Hugh

breakfast at home, on the go, post workout or at work

Join us on our journey