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It's All About Balance


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It’s all about balance” is a phrase we’ve all heard, often jokingly, in many different aspects of life.

However, here at ELEAT, we are serious about providing nutrition in balanced ratios that the body requires, to fuel your everyday.

Balanced, high protein cereal

Let’s set one thing straight – ELEAT is still packed full of plant protein with 13g per 50g serving. But to us, health is about so much more than just protein.

That’s why every serving contains 10g of gut-boosting fibre, including 7.5g of prebiotic fibre, whilst containing less than 1.5 of naturally occurring sugar.

Carbohydrates are your friend, not your enemy

Energy. It’s imperative to all of us to achieve our goals in life and yet so many people give it a bad rep. Yes, you certainly don’t want to be consuming high levels of sugar, but good carbohydrate sources are vital for sustaining our energy in our increasingly busy daily lives.

That’s why we’ve included a low GI (slow releasing!) energy source, in chickpeas, so that whether you’re tackling a busy day at work, workout or sports match – ELEAT has got you covered.

Eating ELEAT is for everyone

We think that ELEAT’s benefits are too good to exclude anyone from enjoying. That’s why from the outset, we’ve harnessed the power of plants to nourish you to the fullest form with the fullest flavour.

Oh yeah, not only are we vegan friendly but we are also entirely gluten-free too! Sound too good to be true? Find out more about the ingredients we used to create ELEAT.

Is ELEAT just for breakfast?

ELEAT is certainly THE new performance breakfast. Whether you currently eat cereal or have other food and drink for breakfast, switching to ELEAT will be the best decision you make!

But if you’re like us, who doesn’t love cereal at other points in the day. That’s why our cereal is available in both 250g pouches and 50g single-serve packs to fuel you whatever the occasion: breakfast at home, on the go, post exercise, at work or even an afternoon snack.

So how can I buy it?

Our cereal is available through our own e-commerce platform. New to the brand? We’d recommend trying our variety of pack of pouches, however, if you’re certain on your flavours, why not build your own custom build a bundle.

breakfast at home, on the go, post workout or at work