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Imo Boddy’s Tips for Getting Into Running


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It’s no secret that running is one of the most accessible forms of exercise, with no equipment (aside from trainers) and no gym membership required. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Running can be a daunting activity to start, if you don’t know where to. 

Imo is a passionate endurance runner and fitness professional who, at the age of 22, secured her first world record for being the youngest female to have run the length of the UK, and she’s well on her way to another. In May 2024, Imo is taking on the challenge to become the fastest person to run and summit the National 3 Peaks. The current record, standing strong since 1979, is 7 days and 31 minutes.

We’re really proud to announce Imo Boddy as one of ELEAT’s partners. She’s given us some of her top tips for beginners getting into running.


Imo Boddy

Lose the Ego 

There is a huge stigma around people feeling that sprinting is the only acceptable pace for running. But, there is really no benefit in this for any runner, let alone if you’re just starting out. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s best to learn good techniques from the beginning and avoid injury so you can start to see improvements.  

“Don’t be afraid to walk, you don’t need to run and sweat the whole time to have a successful run” - Imo Boddy, Ultra Runner and WR Holder

Imo spoke about how slowing down the pace will not only allow you to enjoy it more but also run further. You’ll feel much more satisfied after a 30-minute run than a 5-minute sprint. 

Instead of comparing yourself to others, or worrying about how you look, concentrate on your own progress and how running makes you feel. Every run, no matter how short or long, is a win; make sure you celebrate all the wins, even if it’s only a small amount of progress. 

By letting go of ego-driven motivations to be the fastest, you’ll be able to appreciate the sport more and the benefits you see from it. 

Imo Boddy Running

Find a Friend

The idea of going out and running on your own can be scary. Remove this barrier by finding a friend (or friends!) to go running with - make it fun and run to a cafe to help motivate yourself.

Committing to running with friends helps keep you accountable. You can’t back out last minute as you’ve already made plans and you’d be letting someone down. It’s also a way to ensure your safety when exploring new areas or running after work, you can look out for each other and assist if needed. 

One of the biggest elements helping Imo stay motivated throughout her challenges and training is the running community, use it! If you’re struggling to find someone to run at the same pace as you have a look for local running groups for like-minded individuals or on social media. There are so many ways to connect and meet people through running, if you fancy joining ELEAT’s run club join our Strava group here

Fuel Effectively 

Nutrition is important for everyone. But ensuring you're fuelled effectively is super critical when running, especially if you’re looking to tackle long distances. 

What you eat and when you eat are both important, for big runs the surrounding 72 hours can have an impact on your performance. Protein and carbohydrates both have an impact on your performance and recovery. Carbs replace the lost glycogen stores and protein helps repair damaged muscles. 

Imo suggests that when preparing for a run you should eat simple carbohydrates beforehand, a piece of toast with peanut butter, or a flapjack. When you’re running she advises consuming 60-90g of carbohydrates per hour that you’re running (if you’re running for more than an hour). And, when you’ve finished your run you should reward yourself with some more fuel to recover and prepare for the next race, her go-to is avo on toast with a poached egg. 

Avoid Injuries  

As we’ve already mentioned, Imo is a big believer in starting slow and not overdoing it. By not building up the mileage too fast you’re body can be more prepared and you’re less likely to incur any injuries. 

“Listen to your body” Imo Boddy 

Imo mentioned how she personally avoids injury by listening to her body and stopping when she needs to help minimise damage in her challenges. Pay attention to any signs of discomfort or pain when you’re running and don’t ignore them. Make sure you get anything checked out so it doesn’t slow you down. 

Fuelling your body effectively is key to reducing damage. But, tackling recovery is just as important as preparing for running. Make sure you stretch after every run and rest well to let your body recover fully. 

Imo Boddy Runner


Imo has come so far with her running, she’s seen huge amounts of success and we do not doubt that she’ll continue to see plenty more in the months and years to come. Staying motivated and determined are key to her success, she’s found her passion in running and hitting PBs and progressing has helped her continue to grow. 

“Running isn’t easy. It comes with lots of highs, but also lots of lows. You need to be prepared to ride the lows and fall in love with the sport.” - Imo Boddy, Ultra Runner and WR Holder

Ensuring that you fuel your body well with lots of protein and carbs helps maintain energy and reduce damage to your muscles. Pairing this with listening to your body and resting when you need to helps hit the longer distances. 

But, if you’re just starting out, start small. It’s okay to walk when you need to. Celebrate the small wins and watch yourself slowly progress into the runner you want to be, and more. 

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