Miss cereal? So did we!

Nothing beats a bowl of cereal. Does it usually have 15g plant-based protein? Probably not. But do you still crave it? We would guess yes!

We always struggled with the lack of healthy breakfast options when training. Porridge, shakes and granolas that just didn't sit well. We were fed up. We wanted a cereal that was both tasty and packed with the nutrition to fuel our active lifestyles.

We took it into our own hands. We spent 18 months developing a cereal that both delivered on balanced nutrition and the taste front.

More protein. More fibre. Less sugar. All made from plant-based and gluten-free ingredients. No one should be excluded from a delicious. high protein cereal!

Hugh & Hywel

Co-Founders of ELEAT

Try all of our 4 delicious flavours

4 x 250g bundle including chocolate, cinnamon, strawberry and vanilla.

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“Add milk or eat straight from the bag, we won’t judge you – who can resist cereal as a quick snack?”

“ELEAT offers a healthy twist on a classic. All while providing a quick and convenient breakfast option.”

“What better way to start off a healthy day with a protein-packed breakfast.”

“If you enjoy your post-workout shake, and you like a bowl of cereal, then ELEAT is going to be right up your street.”

START feeling your best in the morning

Fuel up with our gut boosting and better-for-you vegan protein cereal.

Packed with plant protein

With 15g of vegan protein per bowl, ELEAT helps you power through the day with more energy & less fatigue.

Digestion support

Keep your gut happy with our chicory root inulin and chickpea fibre, prebiotic fibres that help aid digestion and keep you fuller for longer.


I suffer with IBS and I struggle to find a cereal that doesn’t irritate me but this was great and also has a high protein content which is everything I could want!

Josie Baxter
CrossFit Coach & Entrepreneur

ELEAT’s cereal provides a brilliant option for a gym goer or professional athlete to get a great protein hit. A great option for breakfast, afternoon refuel or post dinner snack.

Nutritionist @ Bristol & England Rugby

ELEAT is a brilliant product. This is a great product for those wanting balanced nutrition as well as cereal lovers wanting to increase their protein and fibre intake.

Nutritionist @ Manchester United

Never found a cereal that tastes so good and hits all my macros until now. All great flavours my personal favorite is cinnamon. Highly recommend trying this I absolutely love it.

Professional CrossFit Athlete

Reduced bloating

No WHEY. We’ve harnessed the power from plant based and gluten free ingredients. No one should be excluded from eating ELEAT!

Low sugar

Other breakfast cereals or high-protein snacks (even “healthy” ones) are chock full of sugar and empty carbs. With 1g sugar and low GI carb sources, there’s no crash with ELEAT.

 Nostalgic flavours

Healthy nesquik. Cinnamon grahams. We’ve reinvented these absolute classics to be packed full of good nutrition.

We'll do good for you and the planet too

We donate 1% of all sales revenue to help address some of the most important environmental issues of our time.

Got questions?

We have the answers. And if we don't have the answers drop us a message at hello@eleatcereal.com and we'll get the answer.

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